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Small                       9"  £48   
Medium                 10" £58

 Above price also include delivery within 3  miles of Croydon, Surrey excluding  congestion charge zone areas. Please call  Glamorous Puds for further information

Go Ahead Treat Yourself

Need a celebratory cake in a hurry then look no further call Glamorous Puds now on 
07539 890 790 
We will always aim to delivery your cake within 48hrs of your order been taken.

  • Email your picture or sports team 
  • Upload your picture using JPeg, JPG
  • Confirm your message for the header of your cake (e.g Happy 21st Birthday) and for the footer their name or nickname maybe!  
  • Choose flavor of sponge, Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry or Chocolate 
  • Choice of silk ribbon that will decorate your cake
  • Select a background colour of the picture you want added  
  • What size cake do you require

 Choosing the right sized cake is not        something to worry about. If you are  organising a party you probably have    enough to think about already!
 so let Glamorous Puds take the extra  pressure off. 

We advise a square cake wherever possible for the following reasons as there are a number of factors to consider:
  • So much easier to cut the cake up into regular portions.
  • More cake and less sugar waste.
  • Usually one third of the price of a shaped cake!
  • How much other food will you be offering.
  • Are you intending everyone has cake?
  • Would you want some left over for absent guests?
  • What is your budget?